Saturday, February 8, 2020

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Write a topic for this essay - Article Example Goldleaf Jewelry is focusing on increasing its revenue after it registered $21 million profit in the last three quarters of 2013 (The Wall Street Journal 1). This development has several implications on the United States economy. Firstly, the entry of the Chinese company into the United States oil industry means that there is foreign currency that shall land into China courtesy of the investment. This means that United States will lose some resources than it used to get when the United States based company, ERG resources was the one in charge of the oilfields. They are likely to bring some of the Chinese’s technocrats at the expense of the jobless citizens in the United States. This reduces the employability of the Americans. Another aspect is that China is rising very fast as an economic superpower, threatening the position taken by United States for years. With the entry of China into United States may create an impression to the world that China is the force to reckon with. As much as the Chinese company may adhere to the regulations, there is a potential risk that they may overexploit the resource hence causing a fast exhaustion. This issue may result to depletion of United States oil reserves in the near

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