Saturday, December 28, 2019

A Sea Weed Used As Solidifying Agent Of Bacteria Those Are...

Glossary Agar- A sea weed used as solidifying agent in microbial culture. Bacillus: A group of bacteria those are rod-shaped. Bacteria: Includes prokaryotes that are not members of the domain Archaea. Biochemical reactions: Study of microbially mediated chemical transformations of substrate, e.g. carbon, nitrogen or sulfur cycling. Coccus (plural: cocci): Rounded or spherical shaped bacteria. Colony: An aggregate of bacterial cells on a solid medium that is visible to the naked eye. Definitive identification: A valid identification of a microorganism to genus and species. Dichotomy (Adjective-Dichotomous: a separation into two divisions that differ widely from or contradict each other Differential medium: A medium which is used to differentiate different types of microorganisms based on their different colors or shapes of colonies. Enzyme: A protein functioning as a catalyst in living organisms, which promotes specific reactions or groups of reactions. Genus (plural genera): The first name of the scientific name (binomial); the taxon between family and species. Gram-negative: Bacterium (prokaryotic cell) whose cell wall stains pink (negative) in Gram’s stain. Gram-positive: Bacterium (prokaryotic cell) whose cell wall stains purple (positive) in Gram stain. Inoculation: adding microbes to a culture using aseptic techniques Incubation: growing organisms under controlled environment Medium (plural media): Any liquid or solid materials which is prepared for the growth,

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